Where can I go in the school? As a volunteer you will be expected to work with the teacher/s that you have been allocated to work with. You will be sharing the classroom with the teacher/support staff concerned. The teacher will be responsible for you and if you are in any doubt about your role, where you should be working or questions about the school please ask your teacher.

 At break time, helpers will be offered a tea/ coffee which can be taken in the Breakfast Room next to the main hall. You are also welcome to use the seating in the library area, but no hot drinks can be taken in here unless they are in safety mugs. The staff room is not normally accessible to volunteers/ parent helpers.

 You can use the staff toilets that are located within reception. We request that adults do not use the children's toilets.


What if I'm not happy?We will ensure that you have an opportunity to discuss how you feel about your volunteering with the teacher responsible for you but if you are unhappy in the meantime please tell us!

Any more questions? Please ask!

We expect all pupils to respond to volunteers as they would to any other member of staff – by being respectful and polite. We would like to make parents feel valued and involved in our school as we want children to witness good relationships between their parents and staff. We would like parents to understand the curriculum and ethos of our school. We want to boost the achievements of our pupils by fostering positive parental attitudes. We would like parents to have opportunities to appreciate the demands of life and work in our school.



EXTRA PAIRS OF HANDS - general help in the classroom. Teachers may look for help during the day with almost any aspect of the curriculum. We aim to promote active learning and in order for the children to maximise these learning opportunities your help and support will be vital. Teachers across the school will welcome an extra pair of hands with art and craft activities, working with computers, playing language, maths games, reading stories, writing sessions, listening activities, science and technology activities.


Expectations of ALL volunteers:

  • Treat pupils and adults in school with respect.
  • Ensure that all contacts with children and young people in school remain, and are seen to remain, entirely proper and 'professional'.
  • Adhere to confidentiality of pupils and staff and this includes on social networking sites.
  • Do consider carefully your use of physical contact with pupils and avoid any contact which may be misinterpreted as being inappropriate.
  • Share immediately any concern about a child with the class teacher, pupil support assistant, or member of promoted staff.
  • Do act as an appropriate adult role model.
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