Year 5 - Maples & Birches

This half term, Year 5 are basing our learning around the book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We will be trying to discover who this Iron Man is and how he came to be scattered all over the beach. As the farmers hunt for the villain who is eating their metal machinery, we will be using scientific enquiry to discover what exactly iron giants eat for breakfast. We will also study the art of various sculptors as we ask ourselves: are there any other iron giants? We will find out about how we can recycle materials into something new and create our own iron men out of things that we recycle. We will also be doing lots of writing this half term; creating 'Wanted' posters to catch the Iron Man, designing a metallic recipe for the Iron Man restaurant and explaining how our waste gets from the bin to the rubbish dump. As the Iron Man creates havoc wherever he goes, we will be finding out whether it is him or something else making the earth shake! We are also looking forward to our Enterprise learning this half term, where we will be creating products to sell at the Summer Fayre. We are very much looking forward to this exciting half term!

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Year 6 - Oaks & Willows

This half term, Year 6 are basing their theme around a novel called Skellig by David Almond. Michael steps into the crumbling garage... What is the thing beneath the spider's webs and the dead flies? A human being or a strange kind of beast never seen before? The only person Michael can confide in is Mina. Together, they carry the creature out into the light and Michael's world changes forever... There are some links to owls in the story, so we we have been dissecting owl pellets and finding out what they eat and how they catch their prey. We have also written owl poems and are in the process of designing and making owl boxes. We have debated whether Michael should tell anyone about what he has found in the garage and written reports detailing the arguments for and against. In between rehearsing for the end of year production, our maths and written work will be based around the themes in the story.

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